1. So true 

  4. I want to do this!


  5. Halloween costume ideas?

    Time is running out and I still have no ideas :(

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    everyone should reblog this

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    “Pantomime”, Vogue UK December 2004, photographed by Tim Walker.

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    Spinning back to the 20’s

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    White’s Books is former Penguin Books designer David Pearson’s new publishing house. Renowned artists are commissioned to design the binding for each of the beautifully crafted hardcovers. Petra Borner (a fashion designers that has worked for Louis Vuitton), Stanley Donwood (a wood- and lino-cut artist that is best known for designing Radiohead’s album covers), and Joe McLaren (an illustrator for The Times and Monocle) are just a few of the great designers.


  15. Today I learnt 

    1. Don’t let kittens play with make-up… It WILL get lost and you won’t be able to find it for days.

    2.  The male sex are terrible at planning, scheduling and keeping time.

    3. I don’t like cooking for 1, so I make the quickest, easiest meal possible.